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Weekly game probabilities for week 5 are now up at Sports on Earth. Probabilities are now purely based on current-season stats, including core efficiency rates, and are adjusted for opponent strength to-date.

Please remember that the projected scores are not to be taken terribly seriously. Do not bet the mortgage on them as they are not intended to graded against the spread. They are simply a "maximum-plausibility" estimate given respective team scoring tendencies.

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  • So the capsule doesn't make it clear; you substituted Orton's career numbers in for Manuel's current season stats?

  • Week 5 Game Probabilities do not appear when clicking on SOE: Week 5 Game Probabilities. Help.

  • Guest - Anon

    Click on the link in the first sentence of this article to see the probabilities.

  • Guest - Jon

    May I ask why you say Arizona's D isn't as good as advertised? I understand they may not be doing so hot from a numbers standpoint but they faced Philip Rivers, Eli Manning(who is better than last year), and Colin Kaepernick. This is a team that finished in the top 10 in defensive yards per pass attempt the past 2 seasons and maybe the third where they saw huge leaps in improvement the second half of '11. They have Mathieu healthy and added Cromartie & safety from Washington State. They lost their best inside & outside linebacker as well as their best interior rusher. Their best outside rusher is dealing w/ some concussion issues but I think they've played well all things considered. Using Tommie Harris to stop the run and Shaughnessy on the line on passing downs helped mitigate the loss of Dockett. W/ an inexperienced linebacking corps, the crew is playing as well as you can expect, 2nd half D has been top notch w/ overall scores of 17, 14, and 14 and the 2nd Giants TD was aided by two defensive penalties in the secondary,